Funny story about a small world:  Last month, I was shooting at the Manresa Bread kitchen in Los Gatos for the soon-to-be-launched Modern Luxury Silicon Valley and while there, I was introduced to a guy named Roy with a panettone business who was renting kitchen and office space from Manresa. I said hi, snapped an iphone photo of his little adorable panettone all hanging in a row, posted it to instagram, and finished up my shoot with the Manresa team. Not two hours later, I was on my drive back to San Francisco when my studio manager, Cortney, called to tell me that T Magazine was interested in having me shoot a panettone genius in Los Gatos. Apparently, Charlotte Druckman, who I worked on a cookbook with last Fall, had gotten her hands on one of his panettone, loved it, and sold T Mag on the story. Was this bakers name Roy, we asked? Was he baking out of Manresa Bread’s kitchen? Well, the answer is obvious – how many panettone bakers could there be in Los Gatos?

So, the next week I drove back down that long, beautiful stretch of the 280 and made my way back down to Los Gatos.  Now, i’ll be honest – I was never a fan of panettone. I love baked goods, but the pretty domed loaves never delivered on their promise. That all changed with one bite of Roy’s panettone. Flaky, chewy, sweet with the right mix of tart, these are the real deal.