Hands down the biggest, most exciting project I’ve worked on to date is Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook. It’s not out until February 2016, but here’s a sneak peek.

And have no fear, I’ll be posting more as the release date approaches!


This was a true collaboration and I feel so damn lucky to have worked with each and every person on this crew. I mean, check out the talent involved:

Adeena Sussman // Co-author, Visionary (and one of my favorite humans)

Francis Lam // Editor (A personal idol and the calm in the storm)

Marysarah Quinn // SVP and Creative Director (and my on-set Momma)

Stephanie Huntwork // Art Director (making it all come to life!)

Fanny Pan // Food Stylist (This woman and her team pulled out miracles daily)

Alistair Turnbull // Prop Stylist (Love how this guys sees the world)

Stephen Pappas // Interiors Stylist (SUCH a joy to work with)

Anita Patrickson // Wardrobe – Chrissy Teigen (Huge talent with just the right amount of sass)

Mary Phillips // Makeup (Check out her work – she’s killing it)

John Ruggiero // Hair (He’s worked with some big talent and is still the one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with)

David Thomas // Wardrobe – John Legend (Lovely energy to have on set)

Cortney Munna // Producer (Oh, the logistics that this woman managed…with grace, humor, and tenacity. She’s also my best friend and I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE HER ON MY TEAM)

Bessma Khalaf // Photo Assistant + Digital Tech (and general on-set badass)

Elizabeth Normoyle + Cybelle Tondu // Food Styling Assistants (These two are so talented and so hardworking!)

Jameson Pabes // Prop Assistant (This guy did some serious schleping in his big ‘ol Bronco)

Christian Aeschliman // Production Coordinator (He is so-hands on, always with a smile, and we were lucky to have him)

Cody Sato + Jessica Pons // Production Assistants (It’s a thankless job but they did it with smiles)

And there are more!

Mitchell Gutman // Location Scout (This man is tireless)

2010 Studios // Lew + Chrissy (These two ROCK and their studio is drool-worthy)

 Camilla More + Gil // Location Managers (google Camilla – it’s AWESOME)

Luke Dillon + Mark Schulman // Chrissy’s Agents

Andy McNicol // Literary Agent

Christine Shim // Chrissy’s Assistant

Pepper + Ron // Chrissy’s RAD parents