Last month, the San Francisco Chronicle commissioned me to shoot a series of stories for their Home and Design Magazine, to be published over the next few months. The first one to run was one of my favorites – a rambling mansion in the Eastlake neighborhood of Oakland.

Beretta has been one of my favorite restaurants since the day it opened. It’s been a go-to birthday dinner spot in my inner circle for years and I have spent countless Sunday brunches on the outside patio indulging in too many cocktails and eating shameless amount of pizza. It’s one of those restaurants that has become a San Francisco landmark for me.

By far, my favorite part of what I do is the people, and one of the people that I always look forward to working with is artist Mark Baugh-Sasaki. He’s one of the kindest, most generous humans out there and I think his art is super rad.

Working with FREDA SALVADOR is always a dream. Those women are creative powerhouses and I feel lucky every time we shoot together. I love their product, I love their aesthetic, I love their team, I love the whole package. For Spring 2015 we shot at Left Space Studios with the ever stellar Shawn Burke on hair and makeup and Megan and Cristina, founders of FREDA, on styling. Alexis Hutt with Look was our model and she was phenomenal, like magical awesome so much fun. Count this one as one of my recent favorites.