Those who know me know I love coffee. And I have some serious affection for Blue Bottle. Shooting their new culinary program for it’s launch was a dream assignment, a match made in caffeine heaven if you will. 

Funny story about a small world:  Last month, I was shooting at the Manresa Bread kitchen in Los Gatos for the soon-to-be-launched Modern Luxury Silicon Valley and while there, I was introduced to a guy named Roy with a panettone business who was renting kitchen and office space from Manresa.

Angelo Garro is a renaissance man; he owns a (great) salt company, cures a wide assortment of meats in a wooden larder in a corner of his expansive wine cellar and fermentation cave, he is a blacksmith, an avid chef, a hunter of wild boar, and it goes without saying, a bon vivant.

Shooting for Bon Appétit has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, so this full page beauty is BIG in my world.