By far, my favorite part of what I do is the people, and one of the people that I always look forward to working with is artist Mark Baugh-Sasaki. He’s one of the kindest, most generous humans out there and I think his art is super rad. We met several years ago through a mutual friend and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph him several times for various publications since. A few weeks ago, Mark asked me to come by his studio to grab a few quick portraits for his bio page and I was happy to oblige. His studio, tucked away on a dead end street in the Mission/Design district of San Francisco is so cool and I never pass up a chance to check it out. There’s always some ambitious new piece in the works and he’s always customized a new part of the workshop in some insanely inventive way. This time was no exception. We grabbed a few shots of him working on a great new piece and shot a few more environmental portraits. Here are a few of my favorites: